• We at IVORYSANDS are a newly formed entity within the Hospitality Sector, with a current focus on Budget Hotel Chain. Our Executive Board has diverse experience and expertise across various Hospitality, Hospitality Enabled, Civil Engineering and Construction sectors, both globally and within India. The Board has been formed pooling in Visionaries and Thought leaders with diverse and proven expertise in their respective Business Areas to cover all key areas of this proposition

  • IVORYSANDS is the result of a unique proposition we have envisioned… that of providing Contemporary Hospitality Services at Affordable Prices to the people of India

  • We understand the nature and the kind of services that are provided globally in the Hospitality sector both as service providers as well as customers. We see a huge need/potential for bringing similar services to the people of India, to meet the needs of evolving life styles and increased expectations of millennials and millennial minded customers

  • We firmly believe both Hospitality and Travel & Tourism sectors are inter-related and overlapping in nature. The growth in one sector automatically propels the other

  • As part of our proposition, we are looking at providing targeted, passionate and consistent services to our customers, a one stop site where both the Business and Leisure Traveller needs are addressed, driving the culture of Brands and repeat customers. The uniqueness of our services combined with the service we render to our customers, will enable our success



Pioneer and deliver a marquee bouquet of contemporary Hospitality services at affordable prices, which exceed our customer's expectations and bring delight to them


  • To provide international quality accommodation and food services by creating a differentiated experience and value for our customers

  • To be more than a great lodging and restaurant by providing a competent alternative to our customers, ensuring a higher satisfaction, affordable prices and customised services

  • To provide a refreshing experience to our customers by delivering passionate and consistent services, with the highest level of commitment towards quality


  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Consistency
  • Customer Centricity
  • Service




64 Fencepiece Road,Ilford, Essex,IG6 2JY

London, United Kingdom